Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WMC preview.

ok, i know. i get it, i rarely blog anymore.

it makes me so sad, and i think i've been through this phase a few times now. school is so incredibly difficult and takes up most of my time. when i do have time to chill, the last thing on my mind is my blog. however, i realize how important it is that i keep going with it. it's so cool to go back to older entries and see all this cool stuff i've come across online. so readers.. please give me time to catch back into a proper flow of doing this. forgive me?

in the mean time.. here are a few photos i took at the winter music conference this year. i was hired by soonnight.com to be a photographer. i had a press pass which gave me access to everything, even backstage at Ultra Music Festival.

boys noize

and a few videos ;]

CASPA @ Ultra Music Festival

to see more, peep the flickr.

peace & love.

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