Monday, September 28, 2009

10 amazing crop circles.

for more on crop circles visit the crop circle connector.

peace & love.


brian said...

oi ya forgot one. the original pirate... mike skinner.

Felicia said...

crop circles are alien sent. THERES NO WAY HUMANS CAN DO IT!

I remember watching a show on TLC or AE or sumsing that had a special on crop circles and the group on the show tried to make one...but it was impossible in the allotted time.

Crop Circles show 2012? said...

No aliens don't create crop circles. Earth energy vortexes are part of the phenomenon that makes these patterns. UFO's and aliens are from the other side of the story. The messages are important.

Anonymous said...

This ain't the work of a few old Brit's and too much warm beer on board...wake up folks...someone is trying to us something!