Thursday, August 20, 2009

trying something new.

i will be updating my website over the next month, so just hang on tight because is going to be more than just a blog. i will be posting my own personal work, both djing & photography.

here is a recent shoot i did with some of my extraordinarily talented friends, feedback is welcome.

styling: aban sonia
model: eilen sanchez
photography: me (click the link to my flickr)

peace & love.


It's All Good said...

amazing pictures, you really got something going on here I swear jenny! I love women's bodies in art, theres something about our curves that men just cant offer, keep it up, super excited for your website!

L. Harris said...

Loveeee them.

courtnay Colbroth said...

love love love them

ms.emily said...

we first 'crossed paths' via sneakerplay (ha.) eons ago. randomly came across your blog via someone else's, and im glad i did.
threesixtwo is a pet project of mine where i put up things that inspire me. youll see some familiar bits, no doubt. thanks for 'em ;)