Sunday, August 23, 2009

the remix project.

wow wow wow. i dont even have many words to explain how phenomenal this project is.

producer The Apple Juice Kid, has compiled a free 22 song cover album of some of the most classic hip hop tunes that we all love, from A Tribe Called Quest and ODB to Outkast and Jay-Z (just to name a few). AJK has put together an experimental band entitled The Remix Project, who make cover songs based on instrumentals such as percussion, bass, keys, guitar samples & some cutting. When i began listening to this album, i was immediately hooked. I was thrilled when i clicked the link (here) for download because not only was available at high quality bitrate and already compiled in a zip, but it also has a full tracklisting and individual song download option. props to The Apple Juice Kid, i really hope these free projects keep on coming!

if you are an avid hip hop listener, DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS FREE ALBUM! It is truly a gem.

I went ahead and also uploaded it separately to zshare (if you prefer to download there, click the zshare link).

thanks to a friend of mine, *P, who put me on to this earlier today.

peace & love.


It's All Good said...

thanks for the heads up, d/ling as we speak, im kinda excited!

stealing the the post below, awesome!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the shout out bana. It's most def one fresh album.

Peace & Love to you too