Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mix #1.

i make so many cd mixes for my car, i feel like im stuck in the 90's, but i hate those iPod FM thingies. heres a mix i made a few weeks ago (always some old stuff and some new), its been a longgggg time since ive posted music here and i feel kind of bad. im gonna start posting more music again, along with tons of other goodies. im also in the middle of redesigning my blog. im looking for a talented web designer who can help me out. i get tons of traffic on banaboogie.com, and once i have things organized the numbers will go up. so, if you think you have some cool design ideas and you're willing to do some work with me, shoot me an email: banaboogie@gmail.com

photo by: me

mix #1 (zshare)
keep in mind this is all my personal listening music.

Track list:
1. Jealous of Roses- Bibio
2. Jinglist- Sukh Knight
3. The Mystery (Dilla's Still Here)- Madlib
4. Ai Voce Gosta- Cassiano feat. Zuzuca Poderosa
5. Yessir! feat Raekwon- MF DOOM
6. My Way Home (Feat. Common) - Kanye West
7. Hater Players- Black Star
8. Microphone Fiend ['The Mic']- Eric B. & Rakim
9. Pon de Floor (feat. Vybz Kartel)- Major Lazer
10. Fresh Rhymes- Sound Freshers
11. Shaolin- Bar 9
12. I Will Come Back (Classixx Acacpulco Nights Version)- Holy Ghost!
13. In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix)- La Roux
14. Lebanese Blonde- Thievary Corporation
15. New Year's Resolution Instrumental- Lootpack
16. Say Heh- Prince Zimboo
17. The Lie- Zomby

peace & love.

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Britannica said...

nice photo and some good artists (biio, madlib, eric b & rakim, thievery corp) on there.