Wednesday, May 27, 2009

midtown connect.

midtown connect- sweet dick vega X banaboogie (zshare)

Bana and Vega have been kicking it for a while, but they usually hang out in Downtown Miami which is somewhat the midpoint between Boca and South Miami… hence the name Midtown Connect . The mix started out trying to be a disco, smooth kind of mix, but both of us just had to throw in some hard electro bangers. Overall, the mix blends well taking you both high and low

Vega provided the first half of Midtown Connect, with 20 tracks. Banaboogie closed off the second half with her 20 tracks. The mix is 73 minutes total, so download it, burn it, and bust your car speakers!

dont forget to head over to fresh basil crew to show my homie vega some love!

peace & love.

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Fabian said...

Very niceee.