Wednesday, April 1, 2009

slow motion camera.

An experimental video by David Coiffer, who is testing his new camera. You’re able to see objects in slow motion. I love how the jelly has a flubber effect when it hits the ground, and the green toy... oh man, it makes me feel funny (in a really giggly way).

Technical details: Based on a photron SA-2 camera, system is providing realtime HD-SDI output. Sensor is a 12bit CMOS of 2048 pixels wide, and speed can vary up to 2500fps.

peace & love.

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It's All Good said...

I wanna move like that jello.

I posted a vid up with people getting pies and turkeys thrown at their heads while being taped by on of these cameras, and their faces wobble and wave on impact, it's insane.