Monday, March 23, 2009

wmc mayhem begins, now.

get your booty moving with my wmc pregaming minimix.

please excuse the sound quality, at the moment i do not have appropriate recording equipment)

ive never been happier about a wmc week in my life. ive spent the last 5 years attending ultra music festival, to catch everyone in one go.. plus other weekly events. this is my first year not going to ultra! the party lineups were just too ridiculous to fit umf into the schedule, my ears are going to be happy with me all week. im stoked to catch diplo at 3494435 parties this year.. erol alkan, zombie disco squad, hercules & love affair .. and a bunch of other people i havent seen before.

for info on some of the best parties this year, click here.

get buckled in, i can already tell this year is going to be insane!

peace & love.


Rory said...

Is there a tracklist? Would be apriciated!


DJ JimmyChonga said...

Hey listen Ive been a lurker on your site forevvvvver! Im a wannabe dj, with a shitty FnB job, who couldnt, for the first time in 3 years, get the weekend off for ultra. Ive been searching the shit outta ResidentAdivsor for some advice. The only nite I think Im going to be able to get down there is Sat, and I really wanna see Diplo, Ive never seeen him live!!! Ive seen Aoki, LowBee, and many others but never Diplo or any of Maddecent for that matter, THEY NEVER COME TO FLORIDA!!!! Anyways if you know something or could hook me up with any knowledge that would be AMAZING!!! I think I read on RA that Diplo is playing some crazy party with like 50 other dj's, but the club is going to be sold out by the time I get there. Anyways, you probably wont even read this until Ultra is over, but either way HAVE FUN AN PARTY YO ASS OFFF!!!!!!! Oh yeah if you do read this and you have info 4 me - my email is THX!