Saturday, November 1, 2008

if you didnt grow up in the 90's..

then your were probably calling me captain planet last night.

but, i was quail man. k?

i figured since i mastered this costume in middle school, why not do it again?

i decided NOT to take pictures because i knew there would be tons of people i know taking pics at chromeo. then i decided id bring my point and shoot, but left it at home. turns out, no one else brought their camera, so those are all the pics i got =(.

i hope everyone had a fun halloween =D

peace & love.


It's All Good said...

Oh your so quail man, you look nothing like captain planet! hello people look at the Q! haha, howd you make your belt stay up though, mine would have flapped in my face the whole time....

kriscorpus said...

i love it, go quail woman!

J James said...

wow captain planet was silver with green hair Gash! people these days!
but any way Quail man Never Looked soo good sorry Mr Funny lol
where was your pork chop?
well its good to see your doing better and out and about
Peace & Love

T said...

Smash Adams>Quail Man.

arcieri keness said...

son, I use to love DOUG... lol

he use to fight Roger. lol