Monday, November 10, 2008


another great episode. i missed last weeks due to my birthday festivities.
when i caught up with the episode i thought it was pretty blah, but this week was definitely a lollercoaster.

ari was on a roll, dude has balls- there were some quotable lines this week. i missed most of the best ones cause i was too busy laughing at them..

all women defend each other blindly

ya nasty twat

this little lady is sharp!

i'm taking what i want!

civil war babs, arm the troops.

but unfortunately, barbaras cock is all i can handle.

oh and, preview ari line for next week...
"because the jew has arrived and he doesnt like germans"

i cant believe vince might get the boot!

peace & love.

1 comment:

tori. said...

i cant wait till next week.. that line is too great