Saturday, November 22, 2008

a cross the universe.

its been amazing to watch these guys progress and evolve into what they are today.

watching the trailer for their first documentary gave me the chills, as ive been waiting for their movie to release for a long time.
although i dont drop their tracks like i used to, i have to show respect to them (minus the faking sets issue), these frenchies just know how to rock a party.

the full version of this dvd comes with the following live CD:

a cross the universe- justice (zshare)
bump this in your car for a few days.
(thank me later).

peace & love.


Mee-Uhh said...


arcieri keness said...

OMGOSH at this zshare for Justice... one of the greatest things I've downloaded. I still play the original album but this is just.


I'm in love all over agian

arcieri keness said...

I want the DVD too now... lol

I might have to go buy that, shoot!!