Thursday, November 6, 2008

birthday love.

i had a wonderful birthday this year =)
i apologize for the lack of updates, but ive just been so busy (and loving it!).

heres are some pictures from my weekend.

to see the rest of the pictures, click here for my flickr.

peace & love.


T said...

Tali?! Man, I've been gone for waaay too long.

y said...

beautiful! hope you had a happy birthday.

Daedalus Kalais said...

happy belated birthday.
mine is the twelth. :D

tori. said...

i love you

king said...

happy belated birthday...

really nice photos.

J James said...

Beautiful Pics as usual Ms Boogie
looks like you had a good time thats lovely
Peace & Love

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Awesome shots!!! where were the night photos taken?