Wednesday, October 29, 2008

yea, its wednesday

whats good?
how ya been, bloggers?

uh, ive been sick, and sick of blogging too.
i have strep throat, ouch.
i still see my pediatrician, the same doctor who ive been seeing since i was 5. i feel like ross in that episode of friends, where hes still seeing his pediatrician at what, 30ish? i walked in and was completely embarrassed, as i havent been there in amost a year. the same nurses have watched me grow up and go through so much. anyway, i laughed when the they asked me how old i was, man.... im no longer going to be a teen on monday. is twenty-teen a legit age?
it makes me sad. i miss the days of no priorities... why cant we all just be 5?
w.e, im always going to be a kid, =D.

ive been saving each day for my wide angle lens.

i decided on a sigma 10-22mm. the first thing im going to do is go into my doctors office and take pics. there are hundreds and hundreds of collectors item toys in there, i cant wait.

lets see lets see, what else have i been up to...
i went to the planetarium, it was amazing.

ive been spinning like crazy, working on music like a busy banana.
stay tuned, im finally doing some bigger gigs =P

oleg say
"speedy fingaz on the keyboardz"

we rocking to Quasimoto.
curse on you- quasimoto (zshare)


peace & love.


DEEZY. said...

Wheres the keyboards and the tambourines... ???

J James said...

gotta love your pediatrician lol
and yeah we never growing up, my pops and grand ma make fun of me about it constantly kids got it the best
hope you are well on your way to recovery for trick or treating tomorrow and your Bday and Mommy!
Peace & Love

J James said...

o and i cant forget big up to my mans Doug Funny and Pork Chop! lol

TK said...

less than a week!!!

jamesforlife said...

Aww. Get well soon bana !

Been missin the updates.