Sunday, October 12, 2008

why i love florida...

i always wish i lived on the west coast, so i could watch the sunset on the beach everyday =D.
but, we still get some beautiful sunsets over here, along with some magnificent skies.
dont get me wrong, i love the sunrise.. but theres a different vibe about the sunsetting
and the night coming in that always gives me a euphoric feeling.
each day i walk outside my apartment and check it out. im a huge sky watcher.

anyway, i wanted to share some recent sky pictures from a few different days. there has been a lack of my personal photography on my blog, but theres a reason! ive been taking pics with my OG Nikon 2020, its a 35mm camera! ive been printing my black/white pictures in a darkroom and ive been having a blast. once i have a lot more material, ill post it all up. as of now im working on some cool projects.

but for now, here is the sky over the course of a week. the colors are mind blowing.
ps: ignore the poles, the trees, and all the crap in the pictures, haha (publix included).
i have yet to head out west or go to a dope sunset picture location.....

to see these pics in their full size, click here for my flickr.

i like the relaxing sunday night feel..... download this song, and chill.
secret- friend (zshare)

peace & love.


L. Harris said...

you totally just shat on our sky pics...

love it.

TK said...

lens??? this is GORGEOUS!

Miss Stephanie Rae said...

I wrote about this before- my favorite time frame in Florida. It's that point during a sunset where the whole sky turns in to a muted pink.

J James said...

Well I am No Peter Parker but even with the throwback Camera lol these came out Lovely
i gotta come Enjoy Some sunsets with you ;)

JAYDEE said...

i kill for moments like these. These photos are AMAZING.

mabel jean said...

top 3 things i miss about florida:
1. my family
2. the weather
3. publix