Tuesday, October 7, 2008

vesper t. woods.

is my favorite author.

here are some very strong words by her, she always knows the right thing to say (or write), and these words just make me feel good. i love her!

"why do people bother me so much lately?
no, not just Sarah Palin...
but really,
where have priorities gone? ethics? interests? morality?
what happened to making something of yourself?
'coming into your own' ?
finding independence. being well educated. having an opinion (besides the opinions
of socialites and celebrities. no, those don't count)
knowing yourself.
knowing your boundaries.
self respect.
why are most 'facebook pics' full of sex, drugs, bongs, half naked girls, sorority finger signs, the middle finger, 15 year old girls in wet t-shirt contests with bottles of booze in their hands (or on the crotch)
why don't people have any yearning to learn anymore?
why doesn't anyone read?
where is the passion for anything?!"


ill be posting plenty more of her work on here in the future. she has a lot writing in the works, i cant wait to read her final pieces! click here to check out her blog.

peace & love.


TK said...

you just put the biggest smile on my face :D
i am your biggest fan.
always, my dearest

Daedalus Kalais said...

Oh man, I didn't know that she's tkmadden!
Dude, she says the best stuff on NT!
[Eagle Eye]"You've been activated"[/Eagle Eye] - I'm adding her hours before you probably actually read this. haha

TK said...

tkmadden on niketalk? im so confused!

banaboogie said...

i am too i have no clue what hes talking about. shes not on niketalk