Thursday, October 16, 2008

a-trak remixes mstrkrft.

it becomes a problem for a dj when there are 3904830984320 mixes of a song.
i start thinking, which remix am i gonna play?
and now i have another option for mstrkrft's pop banger "bounce." i think this one will go at the top of my bounce list....
bounce (a-trak remix)- mstrkrft (speedyshare)
the reason this remix really grabs my attention is because it sounds completely different from the original track, but you still know what it is. not to mention, the intro has a bumping hip hop feel as opposed to hard electro (considering N.O.R.E is featured on this track).
however, a- trak still knows how to bring that electro flava right back in.
i love you alain!! keep on representing for the Jewish kids in the scene, lol.

peace & love.

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