Monday, October 13, 2008

terence mckenna.

ive always enjoyed his thoughts and words. i frequently find myself reading more about his philosophies and watching many of his videos on youtube.

my good friend arielle and i were just talking on aim, catching up, yadda yadda. were both pretty tired, so we mutually decided to get snuggled into bed and read our new books.

im so used to reading fiction books or buddhist books, i really enjoy them, but i decided that i want to switch it up and read more books about people that interest me. after spending a lovely afternoon in borders, i walked out with this:

i was strugging between this einstein book and a terrence mckenna book that caught my eye.
its called "the archaic revival: speculations on psychedelic mushrooms, the amazon, virtual reality, ufos, evolution, shamanism, the rebirth of the goddess, and the end of history"

nuts, right? well, as soon as i finish this einstein book, thats next on the list (thanks to my brother as a birthday present, i already asked for it, lol)

after telling arielle about my next book, she instantly became interested and asked me to send her some videos on him. so, until i read the archaic revival, i wanted to share some of my favorite mckenna vids with you.

mckenna on culture, art and fighting the system

your future in your imagination

terence mckenna's message to artists

if youre interested in more of his topics, google him or youtube him! you'll find some really amazing stuff. unfortunately, terence passed away in 2000 from brain cancer.
he left a lot of his wise being on this earth for us.... lets utilize it.

peace & love.


TK said...

hurray for books! im still putting my booklist together for your birthday! take that einstein book lightly, though. i suggest lots of coffee and skimming- warning you, einsteins a terrific guy- but it's an extremely dense read. i have to admit, i never got through it all. :( it is, however, an excellent one to own and reference back to!

arielle Shannon said...

i love you boo! thanks for the shout out