Monday, October 13, 2008


rostarr is a korean born, brooklyn based artist. he considers his art with a term of his own, "graphysics."

if youre in the miami area, i encourage you to go check out the rostarr's wreckless abandon exhibition, its open until november 8th.

during my hectic weekend, i was able to fit in a visit to this exhibit, luckily it was opening night and i was able to see some friends too [hi david, =( sorry about your accident]. i had already seen some mind blowing art the whole evening in the design district (the 2nd saturday of every month = art walk!!), but i just felt a different appeal for rostarr's work.

at first i didnt know what to expect, as i hadnt done too much research on the artist, nor had i seen any of his art (on purpose). the element of surprise is the best... as soon as i walked in, i was blown away. the venue was set up perfectly.. the lighting.. the floor. wow!
doodles on canvas = my thing.
i wont post all of my pics, i dont want to spoil it all!

this piece was one GIANT wall, the first thing you see when you walk in.
my lens was not suitable for the shots i wanted, so heres a little sneak peak.

he has so many different mediums.. everything struck out to me. i feel like there are a lot of messages inside his art, specifically his pieces that follow this style.

i kept getting lost in his art.

im pretty sure ill be going back down sometime within the next week or so to check this out for a second time.

ps: big ups to the chick with the supremed out wheelchair, you absolutely made my night =P !! baller.

currently jamming to: speak to me (breath)- easy star all stars (zshare)

peace & love.


Betsey J. said...

can't wait to check this out.
I LOVE those hanging Hello Kittys.

raul said...

Hey. Banaboogie.
Thank you for the write up on our gallery.
we still working the hours BUT just let me know when you'll want check out the space, and that no problem.
check out the site
we have lot of things planned for the upcomings months and ART BASEL..
feel free to contact me

pimpin turtle said...

Who took this set of pictures??? Beautiful stuff here.

sweet dick vega said...

i'm getting lost in your butt in that spandex