Sunday, October 26, 2008

ok, extra good entourage...


ps i love vinces hair in this old pic

ok so there were so many good parts of this episode, i was flipping out the whole time, so i didnt get it all but....

you always tell me what to do, tell me what to do!

you cougarlicious little freak.

any chance you can pay me in euros?

youll always be my number one whore dana

has so much cum been squirted in your eyes that you cant see whats right in front of you

biterness is not very becoming

and we both know that youve already fucked yours

ill learn chinese first so i can give it to you in your native your native tounge

added bonus, turtle "i feel extra smart today"

sorry for all the terrible language in this post, but im only quoting the best show in the world.


i hope everyone has a good sunday night =D

peace & love.


JJ said...

"We're all fucked, and its the way you liked to get fucked, not the same way everyone else likes to *makes hand gesture* get fucked."


love the blog and all the entourage posts. said...

im glad ari didn't take the job.

L. Harris said...

my HBO is off.
Fuck My Life.

WHOOPI said...

It was such a great episode