Sunday, October 5, 2008

new york aquarium proposals.

recently, i find myself browsing through many art and architecture blogs. im not surprised, considering ive always been into many different forms of design. but im going to start posting more of this stuff on here, its just so pleasing to the eye!

over the last few weeks i came across some cool proposals for a new aquarium in new york on coney island. here are two that i love, which one do you like better?
this winning design proposal from smith-miller and hawkinson is absolutely stunning. it consists of two parts, the 'wavefence' and the 'sandscape.' the theme of this proposal incorporates enviroment safe materials and some cool animal like sculptures. it has two parts, one of them being the ‘wavefence’, the wall surrounding the aquarium and ‘sandscape’, an artificial dune concealing a parking lot below.

the second proposal i came across comes from here,

their design seeks to have features which interacted with visitors and grabs the attention of those passing by. some of their main ideas were a ‘living’ dune landscape, coral inspired retaining wall and a 60 ft high jellyfish pavilion. JELLYFISH PAVILION?! although it didn’t win the proposal competition the design received significant praise from the new york media.

i'd love to see that jellyfish structure, he looks like a fun guy!

peace & love.


Daedalus Kalais said...

ballin'. Get his auto for me. haha

Maada said...

the architecture is beautiful

J James said...

wow thats cool i remember going their on field trips to coney island aquarium when i was little
defiantly time for a little remodeling