Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my favorite car.

buggati veyron 16.4.
has been for a long time, and still hasnt changed. ive been promising more car posts to a lot of my readers,
so i might as well start with this beast.

1001 hp. 4 turbos. 253 mph, thats 1/3rd the speed of sound at sea level.
it covers the length of a football field in ONE second, not to mention... its the sexiest looking vehicle, ever.
you really cant go wrong!

i always try to preach why its the best car.... but im going to let this video speak for me!
(if this vid sparks your interest, make sure to check out the one of the bugatti racing a plane!! click here)

i saw this video on top gear almost 2 years ago... and it still amazes me.

my plan is to one day own a fleet... of black/black exotic cars, starting with a veyron and murcielago. and yes, i know the two-tone is absolutely stunning, but i prefer the badass dark look. oh, one can always dream... =)

ps, shout out to jason, cause he loves bugatti too =D

peace & love.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Thats what it is Bana Boog the Cipher is complete now. The Bugatti has arrived. good looking out! BanaBoogie My Favorite Blog!
Peace & Love

J James said...

O and i defiantly go shottie in the Bugatti and the Lambo ;)