Wednesday, October 1, 2008

jay-z? for free? couldnt be?

i dont want to go into politics on this blog, and i am not endorsing barak obama in any way shape or form.. but......

theres a free jay-z concert this sunday, on behalf of obama.
ive never seen jay-z in concert, its something i've wanted to do for a LONG time.
not to mention im seeing some other dope artists this month (N.E.R.D/Common show coming up soon!)

also, jay always pulls some crazy stunt, i have a feeling there might be some other big dudes at this show....

click here for info.
this should be fun.

peace & love.


mikey said...

I live like 5 blocks away from one of the offices, I need to get tickets.

Thanks for the heads up!!

DEEZY. said...

Places have been out of tix from 1pm today. UGHH!!! I NEED TO BE AT THIS, maybe jump the fence?

Betsey said...

nice heads up.
and luckily one of the ticket offices is a block away from my work.

Anonymous said...

YOu guys gettin' The Roots and Lupe too?

banaboogie said...

lupe is hitting up orlando, we were gonna go but money will be tight after all these concerts lol. and the roots too- but they were just here with erykah not too long ago

Anonymous said...

I find it very wack that your just going to this concert to take advantage of the fact that this concert is free. If your not voting for Obama why go and act like your supporting him? I find that to be very, umm in search of a better word..FAKE

it's amazing what people would do to see such a figure like Jayz for free. People are willing to take fake actions just to see Jayz. That's some crazy shit

I hope Obama wins, we do need change. America needs some serious change and a wake up call from blind, fake people like yourself.

banaboogie said...

are u serious? how can you say youd pass up on a free jay-z concert because im not voting.

personally, im not a citizen (so i cant vote), nor will i discuss my political view on my blog anymore.

lol @ being called fake for wanting to go to a free jigga concert.

Betsey J. said...

hahaha super lolz @ anonymous.

It's Funny, Jenny started the post saying she wasn't backing Obama in any way, so how could she be acting like she's supporting him?

Its FREE. Nobody is giving money to Obama's campaign.

and posting as an anonymous user isn't fake at all?


Anonymous said...

Its silly NOT to go to a Free Jay-Z concert regardless.

Anonymous said...

Well, she wouldnt be able to go anyways.

A. She isnt a citizen
B. So, therefore, she cant be registered to vote.
C. Only registered voters who are Obama supporters are allowed to go.

so, all in all, LMAO!

mikey said...

Aside from how stupid you sound attacking people anonymously, you are wrong about the nature of the concert. There would be no point in making this concert just for Obama SUPPORTERS. Theres a reason you have to go to an Obama campaign office to get the tickets. In order to go to the concert you have to be a registered voter. Obama supporters are already registered, and they know who theyll vote for.

This concert is to attract the people that wouldnt have gone out and registered to vote.

banaboogie said...

anonymous, why are you so concerned with me? hm?

clearly, youre wrong, so just move on from this topic now.

oh, and btw, you get TWO tickets when you register to vote, which means people can go who are not registered.

Anonymous said...

man...that anonymous guy is...sour.