Sunday, October 5, 2008


while on the topic of building proposals, i can't forget some of the most magnificent ones coming from architectures looking to work in none other than dubai, the worlds future home for some of the most exquisite architectural projects. all of the buildings im posting are already being worked on, as there are plenty of other proposals in the works. every time i come across new building ideas for dubai, im always blown away. i figured id compile a bunch of these phenomenal designs that ive found over the years and share the amazement i feel with my readers.

burj dubai- is currently in construction, and is set to be the worlds tallest man made structure which wil be completed in 2009. it will contain the worlds highest elevator installation, and surprisingly enough, this building will be residential. it is currently only half its height, at 80 stories!

zaha hadid' dancing towers- oo, dancing! they really look it, dont they? these buildings are planned to be in dubai's bussiness bay developement area. the three towers will be connected two by two, with offices and a hotel at the base and a hotel and residences at the top. all-in-one, lol.

this is probably one of the coolest ideas. architect david fisher designed these rotating towers. the first two ever rotating towers will be built in moscow and dubai. the swirling skyscrapers will include each floor rotating up to once an hour to form a constant changing profile on the skyline.shape shifting building? who would have thought?!

rmjm architects have designed this building as the abu dhabi convention centre. the structure features an organically shaped office tower, which merges flawlessly into the horizontal convention space below.

the dubai towers- designed by tvsa, these towers will be the central point to the lagoons, a mega project in dubai which will consist of seven islands. these buildings stand right in the center, and boy do they carry a very striking feeling. the four buildings will contain offices, apartments, hotel rooms, retail, entertainment, gymnasiums, health spas and a variety of other services.

0-14 tower- designed by Reiser + Umemoto RUR Architecture P.C, this building will be located in dubai's business bay. its 22 stories and has an extremely different feel to it, as opposed to the very sharp designs of many other new buildings. theres a catch though! its look benefits its main feature. its covered in a double skin facade that's outermost skin is constructed from 40c, thick perforated concrete. the one meter space between the skins creates a chimney effect, cooling the building. dubai, cooling the world, one building at a time! lol.

some more structure that just look insane to me are these:

dubai pearl.

ep-07 tower, by adrian smith and gordon gill. the towers fluid-like shape is meant to represent dubai's relationship with the water.

these buildings are just screaming at the public. can you imagine structures like that dominating your city? if i ever get a chance to visit dubai, ill make sure i go once all these buildings are up, so i can feel like im in the future!

peace & love.


Daedalus Kalais said...

the dubai towers just make me shiver... in a good way. haha
It looks like a crystal metropolis or something... all of them have that sort of appearance.
simply amazing.

It's All Good said...

I posted about the rotating buildings awhile ago! I heard about it when I was in Jordan and was blown away, it's like ever-changing architecture! (and by the way, the buildings produce their own power, generating enough electricity for like the whole building and plenty to spare)

we drove by burj dubai last summer, it was only a quarter done and it was HUGE! scary stuff man...

arcieri keness said...

Man, dubai is doing it BIG!!

TK said...

this is so incredible. thanks!!

Pimpin Turtle said...