Wednesday, October 8, 2008

clearing up the M.I.A retirement confusion.

im not going to give my opinion on this huge M.I.A mainstream binge, but it has all been quite depressing. a few months ago at bonnaroo, M.I.A announced that it would be her last show. ive been telling people for some time that she was in fact going to stop with her music career, but it just seems like she has only gone uphill from here. i keep wondering why.

from the artist, herself (interview by entertainment weekly, read the full interview here)

when you performed at Bonnaroo this year, you said it was going to be your last ever show. did you mean it?

Well, it was my last ever show. And it still is. I stopped touring after that and I didn’t want to make music again. I was quite happy to just leave it all behind. I was happy with what I had achieved. Now, with the success of “Paper Planes,” there’s pull for me to make another record. Even my mum believes in me more [laughs]. It’s a nice encouragement. But I was planning my life as a fishing woman on the outskirts of Cambodia. That’s a joke.

what did you really want to do?

I think I would have gone and made a film. As an artist you want to play around with mediums and see if you can get the point across in a different way. I wanted to stay an outsider and prolong the process of getting accepted.

some more of the questions i liked from this interview:

what is the significance of the gunshots and the cash register rings on the track? (in reference to paper planes)

You can either apply it on a street level and go, oh, you’re talking about somebody robbing you and saying I’m going to take your money. But, really, it could be a much bigger idea: someone’s selling you guns and making money. Selling weapons and the companies that manufacture guns -- that’s probably the biggest moneymaker in the world.

that’s a lot of stuff for a pop song.

It is, but you only have three minutes to put in your thesis.

well well, now we know whats up with her.
luckily we arent saying goodbye to m.i.a's music career. im looking forward to some new material, its been a long time! but, on another note, i think its finally time to say RIP to the paper planes remixes.

paperplanes (la fonda remix) - m.i.a (zshare)
this new la fonda (who is that?) remix just killed it.
even diplo (of mad decent) agrees
la fonda - paperplanes <—- gross it had a really good run, but it’s over now."

peace & love.


laurence hunter said...

diplo has a sick remix of paper planes
check it out at

diplo is flat sick on the decks... or ableton >8-P

Maada said...

hahaha. M.I.A. is smooth with the responses.