Thursday, October 2, 2008


well well well, i just cant seem to go a day without posting music.
ive been inspired!! and im feeling lovely about it. ive been dedicating more time to my music and its really been making me happy. im able to finally browse the internet to find good tunes for my sticky fingers!

here are a couple tracks that i've been bumping to the past few days

this track just makes me want to hit the dance floor. from the begging to the end, this is the kind of song that i have no problem playing the whole thing, and i just cant wait to drop it. the best part for me is the filter of street player towards the end, it just makes me want to dance until the sun comes up!

come on my love (krames street player remix) - white girl lust (zshare)

here is the original track too!
street player- chicago (zshare)

next, style of eye. oh man, i know i was blogging about this guy sometime ago when i was deadly into the kazoo track. not only did i hear it getting dropped at ultra, TWICE, but i even heard some nutty remix of it when i was overseas in england this past summer. i knew hed blow up, and hes still coming through with his jungle bouncy themed beats. check out his new banger
clown- style of eye

oooo, deadmau5. i think hes the hottest dj of the year. from house, to electro, to minimal and bass.
slip- deadmau5 (zshare)
i <3 joel zimmerman!!

i found the next funky track after listening to u-terns "hip house" mix. check it out if youre into well, hip hop and house! its a sick mix of tons of classic bangers all mashed into one genre. this mix flows so well.

“Any one remember that short-lived genre in the late 80’s called “Hip-House”? If you were around for that era you were either the hardcore hip-hopper that kind of hated what it represented, or you were in the club losing your shit to “I’ll House You” by the Jungle Brothers. I wanted to see what it might sound like in the present day, an experiment if you will. So I took a gang of current house tunes, some classics and a bunch of acapellas and made it happen.”

u-tern has serious talent. if you want to bounce up and down for an hour to some amazing crunkrageness, download the mix here.
i absoltely fell in love with the instrumental of the first song he drops
baby wants to ride- frankie knuckles (zshare)

and last but not least, i have to show some love to the realness, mf doom. my best friend is absolutely in love with the man, sir. vaughn. call me corny or hype because this is one of my favorite songs by him, i dont care, i will always have this on repeat. his role in this track is hysterical.
let me watch (ft. apani b as nikki)- viktor vaughn (zshare)

peace & love.


sweet dick vega said...

cool tracks. Not sure abotu th ekrames remix.. you can;t fucks with chicago like that.. its too perfect!!!

Lucas Penido said... this who I think it is? About to do the same for you. Has Gabez told you about how it was in Brazil? anyway...we keep in touch! Shabbat Shalom...f* the haters!

Anonymous said...

Thaks for the props on hipping you to the Original :*(