Monday, September 22, 2008

now i know why i deleted facebook..

have you ever felt like big brother is watching?
well facebook sure is!!

recently, i deleted my facebook because i got sick and tired of how overwhelming that social network is. as soon as it went public, all hell broke loose. its insane that everything about an individual can be tracked via facebook. it really is a human database, and i refuse to take part in it anymore. on top of that, lets not start with all the stalker-like minifeed and facebook chat nonsense, not to mention all the pathetic drama that goes on because of it.

so yea, i deleted my page, and ive felt wonderful without it. im gonna stop relying on technology to keep in touch with people, esepcially technology that is monitored. how did we have keep in touch with friends/family 10 years ago? PICK UP THE PHONE! it seems that in this day and age, its a very difficult task.

anyway, i came to the conclusion that because i had so many facebook friends, that it really is a great way to promote all the parties i do and the blogging. so, with that said... i just decided to make a very simple facebook page with only 1 picture of me and just a link to my website, nonsense free. im only going to log in here and there just to send out invites for the parties.

i began to add a few friends, and a stupid captcha kept coming up every time i requested someone (what is this, myspace?) and then i read the following

you have to be bloody kidding me, my phone number? ha!

i'll just have to deal with solving captchas, because i refuse to give my phone number to facebook for "verification" reasons.

to all those that see facebook as a harmless social network, reconsider your thoughts and remember, ITS PUBLIC!!!

peace & love.


Mitch - DJ Diesel said...

hi hater. <3 facebook =P

Betsey J. said...

I agree...I hate Facebook.
I feel like every time I do something it's going to announce it to the world. The only positive for me was it helped me get in touch with my old sleep-a-way camp & pilgrimage friends who've changed emails & etc over the years.


Next they'll want your iris scan.

Ed said...

Found your post, after googling for "stupid captcha images", was cursing Facebook for the stupid images