Tuesday, September 9, 2008

lightmark & eric staller.

my friend betsey j. (click her name for her blog!) sent me a really cool link to some dope light photography.
ive only really been experimenting with this stuff for about 2 weeks, but every time i get into the groove i tend to get carried away with the whole experience. i've been briefly researching light art and how it all works, but some of these pictures just brought my mind to a completely different level!!

i continued to research all the artists mentioned in that article, and my browsing ended up on Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke's page.

it crazy to see that ive tried similar concepts just when messing around with the light. to think what it would look like if i really put my mind to the settings!
im inspired.

check out eric staller.

his light art is phenomenal, but make sure to check out more of his art, including his crazy website and sculptures.

the more of his stuff i see, the more i love him!

ps, thanks again for the link betsey!

peace & love.

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In A NY State Of Mind said...

Lightworks. word to Dilla!
shooting @ night = dopeness