Wednesday, September 3, 2008

light tests.

i love crazy distorted motion blur pictures! i've been messing around with different shutter speeds, iso, blah blah. trial and error, baby.

click HERE to see the rest on my flickr, you can also view the high res pics+download !

if you'd like a collection of some really cool professional motion blur photos, like these:

click HERE (link to 45 motion blur photos in Smashing Magazine).

peace & love.


It's All Good said...

sweet pictures! Im saving up for a Digital SLR I cant wait to experiment! But Im making a pinhole camera for photo class so Im curious to see how some of those pics will come out... anyways keep up the awesome pics dude!

Aja said...

Effing DOPE!!...

David said...

I like these more and more everytime I see them. I'm gonna have to step my game up.

-Sir David

TK said...

<3, your biggest fan

arcieri keness said...

The pictures are really sickkkk. Man, I can't wait till I get a new camera... ugh

You and aja are making me sick