Friday, September 19, 2008

kitsuné tabloid.

a few months back, i read about digitalism releasing a new mix.
i never really got the chance to listen to it, until the other night.
i was on a super Walmart adventure at 1am with my awesome friends (we needed some play-doh).

there were a few songs in the mix that really caught my attention.... so i found the mix and dissected it for my fave songs!! the beginning is more my vibe then the rest of the set, but you can be the judge of that.
here is the mix
zshare link part 1
zshare link part 2

here are the songs i like
zongamin - Tunnel Music (crackkkkkkkkkkkkkk) (zshare)
holy ghost - hold on (zshare)
hercules & love affair - raise me up (zshare)
in flagranti - business acumen (zshare)
the presets - yippiyo ya (speedyshare)

thank you brian savage for the last 2 tracks, he even uploaded this little mashup for download:
business acumen (holy ghost! version) (speedyshare)

peace & love.

1 comment:

brian savage said...

boogie... just saw your post in google reader so i'm passin on those tracks-

in flagranti - business acumen

presets - yippiyo-ay

maybe you'd dig these ones too-

in flagranti - business acumen (holy ghost! version)

and my favorite in flagranti track called emotional r... basically an old rolling stones edit.