Thursday, September 11, 2008

kanye arrested.

for breaking a photographer's camera.

"A still photographer was trying to take pics of Kanye at the American Airlines terminal. according to our guy on the scene, Kanye allegedly confronted the photographer and smashed his camera to the ground.

Our photographer then began videotaping the scene when Kanye's bodyguard grabbed our camera -- a struggle ensued and the bodyguard threw the video camera to the ground, breaking it.

When Kanye realized our camera guy had videotaped the incident, he rushed our guy and yelled, "Gimme that f**king tape!"

Both Kanye and his bodyguard have been arrested and will be booked. "

come on kanye, you cant do that. but then again, 20k is pocket change to mr.west.
break my camera, so i can sue you!


edit, video footage.

Kanye Attack Caught on Tape

peace & love.


Anonymous said...

They only reported the part when K was in the wrong. Its highly improbable that dude as doin' nothing but his job (which would annoy ANYBODY when it happens all the time) when this occured, you never know though. Its funny how he was being arrested while his blog was being updated.

Album comin' out in December. Gotta keep your name in the people's mouths.

Nothing is ever truly as it seems. Or is it?

Nah, I'm lyin' it never is.

banaboogie said...

irrelevant of what the photographer was doing wrong, you dont break something that isnt yours. i doubt the photographer was physically abusing kanye, so technically, hes still in the wrong.

who are you anonymous?

Anonymous said...

kanye is a douchebag