Wednesday, September 17, 2008

jolie voight.

is one of my role models.
since i was little, ive always admired her performance and lifestyle. about 3 years ago i started learning more about her, and was blown away by what i found out.

angelina jolie's humanitarian work is absolutely remarkable. she first became aware of worldwide humanitarian crises when she was filming in Cambodia for her movie Tomb Raider. at that point, she took her concern further and became involved with the UNHCR. over the years, jolie has devoted a tremendous amount of time to volunteering in many countries like Chad, Kenya and even Syria (her main focus is Asia & Africa). jolie has won countless awards, and in 2001 was named the UNHCR goodwill ambassador, pretty legit! if you'd like to learn more about jolie's humanitarian work, click here.

after tons of research, i started to get involved with a few organizations. ive mentioned one of them before on my blog, but i'd like to share some links for refugee awareness. check them out, it never hurts to read and become a bit aware. also, there are some donation programs within the links listed, check them out! its always irked me that we never hear about these third world countries in the media....

UNHCR- The UN refugee agency
UNRWA- UN relief and works agency for Palestine refugees in the near east
Womens commission for refugee women and children
nine million- A UNHCR education and sports campaign

anyway, i just wanted to share my love for angelina. her character truly shines through her work! ive always been inspired by her diverse qualities and warm nature. fame and materialism clearly does not blind everyone, and she is a perfect example of this.

just because i love her so much, i have hundreds of high res pics that i've been meaning to share. for anyone that enjoys her physical beauty just as much as her inner beauty.... i have a present for you.

click HERE to download the entire folder, which includes over 200 high res pics.

peace & love.


Anonymous said...

waaaaaack. no nudes here. gtfo or ban.

banaboogie said...

download the zip , there are a few things in there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, god. I will be so glad when girls stop being gay for Angelina Jolie. I'm a straight dude and I'm tired of people acting ridiculous over her.

She's pretty, but she's also as crazy as a shit-house rat.

It's also amazing how being "pretty" makes her an authority on stuff.

Anonymous said...

sid kinda looked like her.

banaboogie said...

shes a bad ass chick, her looks dont give her authority, but i give her props for being well rounded.

tori. said...

totally agree with you jenny. she is amazing.

Le' Stache. said...

i seriously love that woman...i dont even think you understand...