Wednesday, September 3, 2008

fixx that mixx!

last night i opened, as usual, at the The Fixx. i decided to record myself. i really hate listening to my mixes after i do a live set, especially at a club, its hard to hear yourself when the monitor sounds like crap, or there is none! anyway, im sure youll catch those few sound glitches in the mix, but i thought it was a pretty decent song selection to put as a mix for the first time here on my blog! i spin all kinds of music, top 40/indie/electro/ghetto tech/remix hip hop/rock... blah blah! its pretty cool because i used to really just spin in my room, and i did a few mainstream gigs here and there. the last year i've been spinning two college nights here in my city. its a fun experience, when you have a good crowd! personally, i prefer to play more open format/electro, and although i have to steer away from some of the hard stuff, last night i was able to encorporate a little bit of everything, without scaring any of the college kids away =P.
hopefully soon i'll be able to spin more of what im into.

oh and, this kid kept trying to talk to me over the booth during 2 transitions. i totally screwed them up... in the party in miami transition you can even hear me push the vinyl, hahahaha, oh well, i redeemed myself by trying to catch up fast.

so here it is, my messy fixx mix, FIXX MY MIXX (click the link for the zshare download!!!)

EDIT- a lot of people have been asking me for a track, i made you one.
click on the purple links to download the individual tracks from zshare.

1. play that funky music- wild cherry
2. give me more remix ft. lil wayne- britney spears
3. everybody dance now- cc music factory
4. missing (todd terry club mix)- everything but the girl
5. acceptable in the 80s- calvin harris
6. heartbreaker-
7. hotdog- simian mobile disco
8. good vibrations- marky mark
9. edge of seventeen (thunderous olympian's acid rave-up) - stevie nicks
10. ayo tetris (disco tech remix)- 50 cent
11. Still D.R.E (tenzin remix)) - dr. dre
12. stronger (a-trak remix)- kanye west
13. I get around (midnight juggernauts remix) - dragonette
14. move your feet- junior senior
15. seven nation army- the white stripes
16. wayward Son (DJ serafin remix)- kansas
17. sexbomb- tom jones
18. oh (a-trak remix) boys noize
19. intergalactic (yellus remake) - Beastie boys
20. dont believe the hype- boys noize
21. beeper (a trak remix)- count & sinden
22. day 'n' nite (crookers remix)- kid cudi
23. apeedo (nitecourt Remix) - The cadillacs
24. party in miami- erick morillo
25. just another groove (tocadisco remix) - mighty dub katz
26. killers do it (rock-it scientists mash up)- the killers
27. jump around- house of pain

when you click the above link to the mix, youll be able to preview it and play it, above the player you see this:

you'll then see a new page load, if an advertisement shows up, click "SKIP THIS AD" to go to the download page
then, click the big DOWNLOAD button.

peace & love.



truuuue...i'm checkin this out right now. word on the street is we're spinning heater on the 29th??

victoria said...

heyy love the blog!
i've gotta question:
what's a good way to create a themed playlist? like, what places are good to checkout illl music and whatnot.


Mitch - DJ Diesel said...

i put ketchup on my ketchup.
i love you jenny =]

sweet dick vega said...

sweet mix player. Let me apply to be your request bodyguard!