Monday, September 15, 2008

dj hero.

now, im not a big video gamer. in fact, im only really a fan of nintendo 64 and the OG gameboy with the purple buttons (tetris FTW) !! but, recently i came across an article for DJ Hero, yes.. just like guitar hero and all that other stuff, but with a turntable! Kinda silly, but still looks fun.

DJ Hero is music rhythm game that will let gamers scratch to the beat of popular mash-ups with a laptop turntable peripheral. DJ Hero is scheduled to drop next summer, maybe ill get a chance to play it, but I think i'll stick to my technics =D.

peace & love.


Primo x Supreme said...

damn, sounds vicious

Mitch - DJ Diesel said...

omg... now i am a huge fan of guitar hero and rock band... but this will just keep me busy for.... everr.....

good find jenny! =]