Thursday, September 4, 2008

fat lizard.

where are all the Florida readers?
to all those that are not familiar with our tropical location, im about to school you on something I’ve been observing the last few years.

when i was a kid, i was one of the boys. my brother and i would go into the woods, catch lizards and snakes...we even had a little club with some other kids in the neighborhood. growing up, i was always around animals, but once i moved to Florida i found a new love for reptiles.

between my brother and i, we had a crazy menagerie; from turtles to uromastyx and from salamanders to hedgehogs (i miss you sniffler and sir theodore), plus tons of other crazy pets. we used to catch a lot of lizards!! i remember these things were usually quite small and thin, so small that if you caught them their tails would break off because they were such fragile little guys. but man, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH LIZARDS TODAY IN FLORIDA?

that’s the real reason of this post. seriously, i haven’t seen small lizards other than babies and geckos, all i see in Florida are these HUGE fat lizards, these things are ruthless. usually, lizards run away when you approach them, these ones will jump on you, no joke. also, around my college campus there are iguanas! im not talking about small baby iguanas, im talking about a 2-3 foot lizard. its insane that these things are freely running around and are just continuing to grow larger and larger, while making more lizard babies.

every time i see these things, i yell "AHH THATS THE BIGGEST DINOSAUR IVE EVER SEEN," my friends think im nuts. but im telling you, these reptiles are getting pretty large and the closest thing they look like to me are dinos!

im not going to even get into my dinosaur obsession, thats an entirely different story =D. to all those that know me well, thank you for putting up with years of my insane dino impersonation (caught on tape and will never be posted on the web). hahaha.

so people, do you think dinosaurs could come back?!
id do.

i'll leave you with one of my favorite dinosaurs...

PS: new layout for the post, im feeling kinda festive.

peace & love.


Michael said...

The only lizards Ive seen here are the little wimp ones. There are like six foot iguanas at key biscayne, and theyre always crossing the streets.

It's All Good said...

yeah yo whats up with the iguanas on campus?

Felicia said...

I was driving home from class one day on military trail and i ran over one of the big lizards..not the giant dinosaur fau creatures, but one of the super green long tailed assholes....I felt bad at first, but then I didn't care because I HATE THOSE THINGS. AND WHEN I AM WALKING FROM THE AL GARAGE AND I SEE THE GIANT DINO CREATURES I FREAK OUT BECAUSE THEY LOOK DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I should raise my arms and appear bigger like the action you are supposed to do when approached by a snake.


I've watched the Florida lizards evolve over the past 14 years and alot has changed on the reptile scene, new species all over the place. I should know, I'm a turtle.

Check out this new red anole that my scientist friend spotted... amazing new mini dino:

banaboogie said...

see, im not the only one whos noticed this dino madness.

Mitch - DJ Diesel said...

so i went to lauderdale to visit my uncle the other week. we were going to go ride on his boat but then we came across 3 super huge iguanas on his dock lol. we tried scaring them away with sticks but they started to freak out on us... we ended up just playing madden 09 lol.... =P

p.s. your blog is cool jenny. im feeling the flow and the background makes me smile. lol

TK said...

dino dino dino!! RAWRRR