Monday, September 22, 2008

busy busy week!

if youre in the florida area, follow me this week for a bunch of fun filled events.

thursday night
its been quite some time since i've partied!
not only is klever spinning at money shot this thursday, but its hosted none other than my lovely friends from D.A.D.E

friday night
ill be guest spinning at Heater in Ft.Lauderdale.
prepare yourselves people.

(btw, brian savage wont be able to make it this friday, but he is affiliated with the party!)

saturday night
unfortunately, i was out of town this weekend and was unable to go to the opening of the KAWS saturated exhibition. however, after seeing all of then phenomenal pics from my buddies David (of upNup & D.A.D.E) and Devin Christopher, ive decided that i cant wait any longer! im heading down (once again), to check out this exhibition.

the man of the night.

see ya this weekend!

peace & love.


It's All Good said...

where is this exhibit, I totally wanna go! and dude your freakin me out with your apple comment, why was it so baaaaaaaaaad? I heard it's good from people Ive spoken too, I hope it goes well, and I guess I'm gauranteed my old job if it doesnt...

devin said...

Thanks for that Jenny!

Daedalus Kalais said...

could you get a vid of your versus thing, if it's still going down?
I wanna see how that would work. Never seen the real thing yet.

Le' Stache. said...

hey Jen, I WILL be at the Vagabond on always there for money$hot.

CourtnAy said...

this weekend is going to murder me

but it will be fun!!! yay

arcieri keness said...

wish I was in the FL area. Sheesh!!!