Saturday, September 27, 2008

the american dream team.

i always love adding cool music artists on myspace to my music page! i always come across so many great artists that i dont know about. after going on an adding spree, i recieved the following picture in a comment from the american dream team.

it bothered me, because was screwing up my comment html! but then i took a look at the flyer, and saw a mix of some crazy stuff together. after listenig to the first minute of the mix, i was already drawn in by the incredible scratching to still listening to the mix, and im loving it.

what dreams are made of V2.0- the american dream team (zshare)
the american dream team myspace.

i was confused at first, is this a group of djs, it this one guy... whats the deal?

and then i read this:
"This new 'American Dream', the dream of a nation of people, born to rock, born to beat drop. A land of hip hop, house music non-stop, electro bebop, dance till the floor drops, till the neighbors knock, till the panties sop, and skill decides who's on top. Where street corner poets scream they can't take it, cause where mad as hell and we don't give a fuck, cause from this moment on no more wars, no more gas powered merchants of mayhem, just laptops & turntable architects of sex."


Here at White House Headquarters we have been scouring what's left of this country to build a production team of skilled musicians to represent the new "American Dream". Covering every angle from party rocking to top notch club banging production, this group of undeniable American youths are hear to wave our great American flag with a fuck you lets dance mind set. For the land of the free and the home of the brave this blinged out team is here to ignite the females and dance floors across this great nation."

WOW. dope!!

i just got home from spinning a really crazy set. i had an absolute blast, as i was able to play a lot of the music i LOVE spinning! i couldve gone all night. shout out to all the guys from heater/massive who rock out every friday! im sad the night is over, but im really reallyy sad i forgot to play this track, its absolutely one of my fave songs to wiggle to.

le le - breakfast (zshare)

in the mix posted about theres a sick remix of it! i love these guys already.

peace & love.

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