Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wearing my rolex.

everytime i watch this video, i giggle so much.
i want to wiggle with fried chicken in a squirrel suite.

this is my track, even though its old, it just never stops bumping. its time for something to download on my page. sometimes i wish my local crowd for my resident nights were more into rave/grime/ghettotech/ electro... crunk music like this always makes me excited in a club. i love when people rock out to stuff just because it sounds good, not because they know the song. ugh, ignant.

anyway, while on the topic of british artists... i gotta shout out dizzee. back in 02 i copped his album while in england, i love playing his stuff when i spin! here is a more recent song from him, which features no one other than Calvin Harris, its a fun one too! (no chicken in the vid though)

so yea, to all my friends who request music... this ones for you!
miss you all over here in the homeland.
most of all i miss you sydni...

Wearing my rolex- Wiley (zshare)
Dance wiv me Ft. Calvin Harris- Dizzee Rascal (zshare)

peace & love.

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brian savage said...

nice one jenny. both tracks have been in rotation currently. grimmeeeey.

check out skepta - rolex sweep.

c c c count wif me.