Sunday, July 20, 2008

human, human, human.

all i can hear is daft punk's robot voice on a coachelle mix and alive tour mix that i have.

as i was scrolling down the mean streets of Israel, i came across this...

i was drawn to it, as the picture was just so intense, and then i read the bottom.
Here are a few more of the ads...

Diesel- props on your marketing. The photographer for this set is Johan Renck and their advertising agency is Marcel, Paris, France. This concept is sick, were human after all- so even in a futuristic environment, we still have a hard time with breakups, pancake flipping, and saying goodbye (you know, when traveling in your time machine!). And although a bit overdone or bitten, i still think this is one of the dopest campaigns ive ever seen. When i looked up these ads, i found out that this has been out since 2007, maybe Israel is a little bit behind (and me too), but its still awesome.

Ive seen tons of their ads here, huge ones with back lights, they look dope. I had to check their website to see what the deal was. I am in no way trying to promote Diesel, but check out their site... seems that Diesel knows whats up! click here.

in honor of this post... downloadage
human after all (peter dragon tail remix)- daft punk (zshare)

peace & love.


David said...

very dope!

Humberto said...

My absolute fave daft song