Friday, June 20, 2008


ummmmmm soooo... one of my fave kids shows is called YO GABBA GABBA!
im a HUGE domo fan too. i just love a lot of goofy children's shows, pure entertainment.
ANYWAY, Gabba is hysterical. anytime im chilling with my homies watching fun youtube vidoes, i always show them the video THERES A PARTY IN MY TUMMY by Brobree (my fave character).

PLZ PLZ WATCH MY FAVE VID. FAVORITE IT. green beans wanna go to the partay in my tummayyyy?

ok, so. I have a point here. Ive been super busy recently and i havent had much time to catch up on new music via interweb blogz. on this rainy afternoon i decided to do a little music work.... i stumbled across this remix on one of my fave blogz by none other than Ursula 1000. Alex Gimeno (Ursula) is sick, hes a DJ who has been around for quite some time. What i love most about him is that he plays and remixes so many different genres of music, he just gained a lot of brownie points for this one...

Party in my tummy bmore remix- Ursula 1000 (zshare)

I really have no words..

To all those that read my blog and hear me spin on the frequent, BE PREPARED FOR ME TO DROP THIS. NO SHAME.

im in awe. this made my day.

peace & love.

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PIMPIN Turtle said...

WOOOOWOWOW he's definitely sipping syrup in that video. I want to go to tummy partyyyyyyy :)