Sunday, June 29, 2008

the last photo..

on your photobucket is this:

on my photobooth is this:

on my iPhone is this:

on my camera is this:

you left me a photo everywhere.

the last messages in my inbox were from you, and unread until last night. the last post on your blog is us. the last picture on your myspace is us. the last time i was with you was 3 days ago. the last comment on my blog is from you... about octopuses... ugh. i just bought my 40D with you....

who is gonna sleep in my spare room?
we had so many plans.. to do so many things...
what am i gonna do now?

.... i fucking love you yoh-she-ay.
you know how i love you.

peace & love.


facemafia2003 said...

heaven was running low on angels

Jade said...

Im sooo sorry about your loss. I didnt know her personally but I did know her photography and it was beautiful. I know she will be greatly missed.