Monday, June 23, 2008


so, i do this thing with sneakers... w/e w/e.
basically, ive been collecting nikes since i was a youngin.. and now im selling a lot of stuff. ill be posting a link with what im selling later on today. anyway, theres this event that 2 homies of mine throw, called dunkxchange. it began as a small event where sneaker nerds could come out to trade/buy/sell kicks in a legit enviroment with no fake bs. over the years, this event has just turned into something huge.. tons of people come out, there are djs, performances, etc. ive had my own table at every dunkxchange since they started... just to get rid of bits and pieces that i dont rock anymore.

yesterday i went on a lollercoaster at dunkxchange...

dunkxchange is usually held at a club, which explains why there are stripper poles and jacked bartenders everywhere. in fact, the dunkxchange is usually located at a club in downtown miami on a sunday afternoon, so youre bound to see a few people walking around cluelessly and friendly while their highs are coming down, its quite funny actually. last event a kid walked directly into a stack of my sneaker boxes and knocked them all down. he was wearing sunglasses, a wifebeater, and was sucking vigorously on ice.... at 2pm. lol. so yea, the scene just keeps getting funnier and funnier.... im not gonna sit here and hate, but its just so crazy how much is changed.
my friends and i were observing a grandma and daughter dance on a stripper pole for an hour, i have a video but im not sure if i should upload.. haha.

then we witnessed this....

catch dunkxchange in a city near you, bringing sneakers4sale and lolz.
check my blog later on, KICKS OF MINE SIZE 5.5-8 FOR SALE!!!

peace & love.


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let me see those size 8's! and put that video on youtube i bet itll blow up (It's David W, by the way) (and i'm seriouse about the size 8's)