Friday, June 6, 2008

childhood days.

when i was a tiny human, these were my two favorite films. If you have some time, watch all these vids, you wont regret it!!

The Snowman
I hadn't watched The Snowman in over 10 years. I watched it last night and was in tears over the music in this short film. Even though its been ages since i've seen it, i remember each scene coinciding with the amazing music!! Ah, beautiful.

Fantasia was my favorite. I watched it at least once a week. Again, i havent watched this in a very long time. I watched all the YouTube vids i could find of it yesterday... wowowowow is all i have to say. Watching it now just makes me realize how amazing Disney is. Such passion in the music, and the film itself it just amazing. The collaboration of Disney with Stokowski is one that can never be touched. Im going to finally buy it on DVD.
I remember seeing a bunch of other Fantasia's.. like Fantasia 2? and Fantasia 2000?
Come on now, nothing can be the OG.. this movie is genius. Utilizing the music by portraying it through animation .. wowza!! I was absolutely fascinated with this movie when i was a youngin', im even more obsessed now.

This scene is pretty famous. Mickey got his big break here.

The mushies are my fave !!! Look at liddle guy, he so cute.

Ugh. Watching this one gives me the chills. So beautiful..

There are no words in both of these movies. The pieces that are used are amazing.
Isn't it beautiful how music can represent such vivid stories?

I hope you enjoyed these vids as much as i do =) !

I also loved The Labyrinth very much, but that was much later in my days. David Bowie is amazing.

peace & love.

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