Monday, June 9, 2008

baby toe, no moe?

dear readers,

Yumna was telling me that back in middle school she was told that eventually the baby toe would be inexistent. i couldnt believe that i had never heard about this fiasco. i mean, it definitely makes sense.. as the generations go by.. the baby toes are in fact shrinking.

i googled this topic but was unable to retrieve legitimate search results.

has anyone got the 411 on baby toe extinction?


PS: pinky is the name of the little finger.
baby is the name of little toe.
right? def not the other way around.
peace & love.


oneangrytoast said...

hahaha idk. id say if the gallbladder and appendix are still there, chances are u can count on holding onto those baby toes for a least a few more centuries.

ive also heard an urban myth recently, this person claims u sweat less when SWIM is high on the ganj. can we verify this? i think i agree. it is, however, inexplicable.

oneangrytoast said...

...and yes, u got the baby toe/pinky finger thing right lol