Friday, May 30, 2008

om nom nom nom.

ohkayyy, so.

i'm chilling in england right now. yup, this is my motherland! MANCHESTER, full of grey skies and pale people, yup.
i kid i kid. but, i'm here for the next week visiting family and celebrating my grandpa's 80th bday. this is my first trip of many this summer, im beyond fortunate to be able to finally have some traveling time this so excited =).
ill be hitting up my other motherland, Israel, and also NY (finally!)

anyway, the time here is all crazy... its 11:30am pale people time and 630 am palm tree time.. im not even tired. traveling the red eye screws up your sleeping pattern! w.e, im used to this.. i plan on staying on American time, which means i may be up very late here blogging, yay!

so, a friend of mine sent me a website he knew i'd appreciate... and he was extremely right.

Yup, om nomnomononmonmomoononmonmnomnonmonm!!!!!!!!!!!!
im making this my homepage.

this pic will change to a new om nom monster every time you come to my page.

( make sure to say OM NOM NOM NOM out loud when viewing pics)

peace & love.


Rawan said...

hey I'm going to Jordan next week! When will you be in Israel, we should plan to meet in the middle of the Red Sea for some drinks haha

mabel jean said...

wow - so fun! never been across the pond before...check out my blog - just updated it #3 is esp. awesome