Monday, May 5, 2008

90's memory #5.

So i'm due for one for one of these.

I have so many 90's memories, its always hard to incorporate them all into on entry. Here are some i've been feeling recently.

1. I feel like toys back in the 90s were way cooler than whats coming out now. I mean, i remember being first in line when Tamogotchi's released, on some hypbeast shit. I wore my purple one around my neck to school everyday. wooooooooorddd!! But, there were some other cool things.. who remembers tye dying? lol.

and ugh...

i loved my easy bake oven!

I remember how awesome and scary the commercial for this thing was. Man, baking your own bugs = cool.

2. Ok, not sure how many of you were Nickelodeon fans, but i sure was. I'll admit it though, i was a Nick Jr. fan too. There was nothing like being "sick" chilling at home watching Face from Nick Jr. bust out the best t.v shows. "

One of my favorite Nick Jr. shows was Gulla Gulla Island.

how can you hate on Binya Binya Poliwog? loves him.

Check out this Lil Wayne X Binya Binya Remixxxxxxxxxxx.


3. Some 90's hits! woooo!!
My favorite album was ULTIMATE DANCE PARTY 1997!! I used to do gymnastics routines to these tracks, haha. I still love rocking out to the songs on this cd... when i look at my 90's music, there is so much that i want to share with people. Instead, i just decided to zip this entire album, which includes the following tracks:

  1. Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix) - Everything But The Girl
  2. Where Do You Go (Ocean Drive Edit) - No Mercy
  3. Another Night - Real McCoy
  4. Be My Lover - La Bouche
  5. Beautiful Life - Ace Of Base
  6. I Like To Move It (Eric 'More' Club Mix) - Reel 2 Real
  7. A Deeper Love ( C+C Tribesman Mix) - Aretha Franklin
  8. Tell It To My Heart (1996 Remix) - Taylor Dayne
  9. C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) (Remix Edit) - Quad City D.J.'s
  10. Boom Boom Boom - Outhere Brothers
  11. Who Do U Love (Morales Classic Club Edit) - Deborah Cox
  12. No More 'I Love You's' (Junior Vasquez Remix Edit) - Annie Lennox
  13. Dreamer (Original Club Mix) - Livin' Joy
  14. This Is Your Night - Amber
  15. Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Nicki French
  16. Children - Robert Miles
  17. Macarena - Los Del Mar
Download the zip HERE (zshare)

I'm going 90's music crazy... here are some other faves:

Lovefool- The Cardigans (zshare)
Its Fine Day- ATB & Miss Jane (zshare)
Are You That Somebody- Aaliyah (zshare)
Kiss From A Rose- Seal (zshare)

peace & love.


*konstanza* said...

woah this blog is super cool. i loved my easy bake oven too . i had one was super.
i dont know if that song it's from the 90's but that song. trouble by shampoo...ahaha i love that freaking song!

Rawan said...

I had a hot pink tomagatchi...way cooler =)

and I totally get the "sick thing"
ahh nick jr...those were the days

LeftyJeenyus said...

man, you forgot all my life by k-ci and jojo.....that was on rotation for my sony walkman in like 6th grade hahhaha......

TK said...


Vulkan The Krusader said...

Im polliwog dont call me a frog!!!