Tuesday, April 22, 2008

why all the hate?

Ok, i need to vent.

I'm sick and tired of people calling the T-mobile Sidekick a phone for kids. Honestly, people are crazy. If you know me well enough, then you have both of my phone numbers because silly me uses two cell phones. I HAVE MY REASONS, i don't feel like explaining right now.

To be real, i don't think i'd use the Sidekick as my actual phone, service isn't the best and the features are as up to par as my iPhone. HOWEVER, for $30 a month i get unlimited text messaging, instant e-mail, and full AIM. Sure, i know the blackberry offers that, and if the iPhone didnt exist, i'd probably have one.... But srsly, stop the hate on the SK! The full keyboard is a design that no other phone can touch, and i live for it, sry bout it!!

I've had a sidekick since the beginning, back when there was no color screen, haha. Now im hooked and i feel its necessary for my busy lifestyle. I only copped the limited sidekicks, the Juicy one was hard to pass on. I recently had the sexy DWADE edition, as much as i wanted the LX, i passed because i wanted to wait for a limited LX. Yea sure, call me a hypebeast cause i like my things limited, haha.. but the collabs that Danger always done has always reminded of Nike artist series collabos, which are always dope!

Blah blah blah, my 1st DWADE was stolen and after a year and 1/2, my 2nd DWADE finally had its day and died last week. I copped the LX.. I'm sorry, but a brown slim sidekick is so so sick.

This phone is classy to the MAXXX!!!

Watch T-mobile release a limited sidekick LX soon, that would suck.

So yea, i'm closing my ears to all the people that think i'm immature because of my awesome sidekick.
My keyboard is better than yoursss!
Shout out to my sidekick famzzz, we always stay connected, you know who you are!

peace & love.


Felicia said...

I have the blue LX.
My sister has the brown LX.

I got her hooked on sidekicks.

Matt. said...

i love my sidekick LX too.

no blog for me yet said...


mtye said...

i love you and your sidekick

Fishr Pryce said...

Been Rocking the SK since the 1st 2. I pre ordered the LX and Brown was not yet an option, but I'm not mad at the blue.

CourtnAy said...

maybe if the iphones keyboard would turn horizontal for texting and not just the net it would have something on the sk. but it doesnt and its horrible, thus sk and iphone is necessary. they clearly just dont know, girls got needzz lol but really. ha

pimpin turtle said...

Sidekick is the way to go. I love my new slide, it is SUPREME!!!!

KING said...

I dislike SK's!

and they are for kids. lol.

no hate.