Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here are a few songs from my April playlist, just a bunch of stuff ive been jamming to recently, some oldies.. some newbies, enjoy the downloads!

1.Do You Remember- Louis La Roche (zshare) So, a few month ago, i posted what was thought to be a Thomas Bangalter track on my blog, only to find that it was only an internet rumor. The track was really produced by Louis La Roche, a French House producer from Norwich, UK. After i found out a little bit more about him, i added him on myspace, where i found this track. Too bad i couldn't find it anywhere on the net, until now. It's a nice chill track to open a night with.

2. Shake- The Bombers (zshare) I can't get enough of this sound. The intro is so dope, and the lyrics are super funky and sexy. This track is from 1979, pure funkkkkkk.

3. Bump (Switch Remix) - Spank Rock (zshare) As old as it is (06), ill always have room for this house style/electro remix from Switch. YO! I KEEP IT DIRTY FRESH!! The lyrics of this track always get me.

4. Lisa Marie- Lil' Wayne (zshare) ... cause i just have to show love.

5. Vuvuvu- MSTRKRFT (zshare) Back in December, I was able to get a set rip of this song. I was stoked when a 320 finally hit the web. I was even more stoked when i heard this during their amazing Ultra set, it honestly blew my face off. My friends and i were in the rage. Anyway, i'm sure most bloggers have this track.. but i had to share my love for it! Its hard.

6. Hold Back (LA Riots Remix) - Edison Gem (zshare) Something completely different from the LA Riot boys. This track has a very housey feel, but for some reason i just cant stop singing along with the chorus.

7. Walking On The Sun- Smashmouth (zshare) Don't hate me.

8. Crimewave (Lazrtag Remix)- Crystal Castles (zshare) I love the original track from Crystal Castles a lot, when i heard this remix i was super excited cause it's def more upbeat and dance worthy.

peace & love.


sweet dick vega said...

are u hollerboard'ing too??

dude posted this in the 80s funk thread.. blew my mind.. so dope!

sweet dick vega said...

was talking about the bombers joint.. duhh


Stop, drop, shut 'em down open up shop
Oh, no
That's how Ruff Ryders roll