Sunday, April 27, 2008


Im just finishing up my sophmore year at university. I've finally figured out what im going to major in, and im feeling good about where my grades are headed. I joined the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, which you can be in if you have a certain GPA in your Freshman and Sophomore years.
It's pretty cool, they host tons of awesome events that can really help out with future careers, etc.

Anyway, i'm constantly getting e-mails about events that are going on.. but recently i received this:

whoa. whoa. whoa!!

This is just crazy. I feel legit, haha.

When i take a look at the candidates, i know that it would be a once in a lifetime experience to go.
But, do i even want to? Hm, it would be dope to tell my kids that i was at the inauguration of the first female or black president in U.S history (depending on who wins)? I dont know.. i'm honestly not sure how to feel about the invite. I dont feel like getting all political in my blog either, but my feelings towards the remaining candidates are not entirely positive, to say the least. Further in the letter it states that ill be able to meet the President, Lance Armstrong, White House officials, presidential candidates, etc. Hmmm....

I have until May 6th to decide. Opinions?

peace & love.


sweet dick vega said...

of course!!

pack a pocket slingshot gun like deniro!!
good times.

TK said...

you gotta go! whether or not you like any of them, imagine what a learning experience it will be. you'll learn more about what you might like, what you don't like at all, what's possible... i don't know i just think it's exciting. even if you're not enthusiastic about it; you'll be witnessing such a moment in history (however good or bad that may end up being). go for us folks that can't

Maria said...

I just started reading your bloggie. I gotta say its entertaining lol. Well regarding this blog, I think you should go even if you dont like the candidates, first is a learning experience and second think of all the people you'll meet and all the doors that are gonna open for you. I have no idea how I ran into this blog of yours, point is it makes me happy lol. And you have interesting things that keep me entertained , dont think im some kinda stalker lol.