Saturday, April 19, 2008

library dayz.

I've been going to the library the last few weeks on my day off (Wednesday). Even if its nice out, i feel good going to the library. I wake up semi early and just hang out there for hours doing homework and studying. I haven't studied like this in a while. I got into the habit of studying in my room.. in my bed... its the worst because i always end up falling asleep, pretending its okay if i catch an hour or two of zz's in between my precious study time.

Well.. it's not! And im finally out of the habit of doing that....
My best bud Oleg convinced me to get my butt to the library, its definitely been worth it, thanks Oledge!

Notice we sit in the DS section, lol.

Finals are coming up, you'll know where to find me!

Peace & Love.

1 comment:

Oleg said...

FAU Library is the truth.
Next video coming up... us throwing shit at loud/rude/obnoxious motherfuckers.