Wednesday, April 16, 2008

banksy does it BIG.

I've posted about duke before. I love this guy. It seems as though he just continues to amaze everyone with his art. His most recent project was done in London, where he managed to do a 3 story piece stating "ONE NATION UNDER CCTV."
He cleverly executed this piece directly under a CCTV camera.

"The work, above a Post Office yard in Newman Street near Oxford Circus, shows a small boy, watched by a security guard, painting the words: 'One nation under CCTV." -Daily Mail

big brother is watching, Banksy agrees.

Speaking of graffiti....
I need to introduce my readers to my all time favorite group, Looptroop Rockers.
Straight from Sweden, these dudes started out over a decade ago. I bought their LP "A Modern Day City Symphony," back in 2000 from Amazon. I've been hooked since.

Their mix of hip-hop and reggae style/hip hop beats has always caught my attention.

I got into them back when i was writing Zesct, bombing up my city and painting canvas, those were the days.
Looptroop has a song called Long Arm of the Law (zshare), which is all about the bullshit that comes along with being a writer. Focus (zshare) was for sure my favorite track on that album. Later songs like Bandit Queen (zshare) and Looking for Love (Ft. Timbuk) (zshare) are some of my faves too.

Anyway, they are rocking super hard now!
They have a new kind of sound, which definitely seems to be hitting it off here in the states.

Here is a hit of their new LP:

The Building- Looptroop Rockers (zshare)

Pre-oder their new album "Good Things" HERE !!
Two thumbs up for my homies from Sweden.

Peace & Love.